Outdoor Living this Fall

Outdoor living and Atlanta are basically synonymous terms. The climate here has us residents out and about during all seasons of the year. Sure, it gets hot in the summer, BUT spring, winter and fall make up for it, fashionably.

Did we mention fall in Atlanta? Let’s mention it again. If for no other reason, outdoor living in Atlanta exists for fall. The leaves in the wooded neighborhoods of the city changing colors, the smell of the ‘Chomp and Stomp’ Chili masking the city traffic and the sounds of crackling timber in your backyard fire pit become the moments of your future nostalgia for everything that life could possibly be about.


At BRUSH we love to participate in the process of creating a space for you to enjoy this fun time of year at your own home. We recently finished a back porch that was built with a combination of different types of wood where the owner had researched a very specific product coating prior to us even arriving to take the first walk through. The product was Cabot Australian timber oil exterior stain, in Jarrah Brown. We ensured the surfaces were clean. We lightly sanded areas that needed it then used a damp cloth to ensure all debris was clear from the substrate. Once the surface was prepped we used Purdy “white bristle” oil stain grade brushes from The Sherwin Williams Company.

An important technical note: This being a semi transparent stain, it is key to finish each run of wood in the same direction before moving to the next piece in order to ensure a smooth consistent finish. Have you ever seen wood stain that looked splotchy? It’s because the proper application method was not used. It goes without saying that this entire project was completed by hand.

What a finished product! As always with almost all of these projects, major kudos to you, the homeowner, for your style and decision-making! We were very excited to be chosen and it was a pleasure to serve you.

When the details are important, use BRUSH.

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